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Memories in Green Art


MDAUTEUIL uses these materials for art moderne contemporain. With it, for processing metal and keep it ready for artwork, she considers the assistance of natural acids. For protecting artwork and providing a good finishing, the use of water-based products is preferred by her.

All individuals are having different taste of art. If we talk about MDAUTEUIL’s contemporary and ecological approach, then many people may be interested here. Her artworks are appearing as the best option for gallerists and art lovers.

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About us

I am MDAUTEUIL, a contemporary artist. Here, I offer some best artworks of mine. My style of working is based on the ecological approach. On, you do not get only normal paintings or portraits. I follow a different approach for creating masterpieces with the use of a huge variety of materials.

The art form of MDAUTEUIL is inspired by her ethics and values of life. She is trying to create a strong connection with nature, and that’s why she is finding the best method to interact and respect the environment. All her feelings and kind thoughts are appearing in the form of art. These things are creating a similarity between her personality and artwork.

Contemporary art with an ecological approach - MDAUTEUIL’s Way

What is contemporary art?

The modern art form is known as contemporary artwork. It was started from the 20th century’s second half and adopted by the majority of artists in the 21st century. This particular artwork is completed by making some combinations.

  • Materials

  • Subjects

These are some elements that combined by the skilled & committed artist and presented an invaluable artwork. The biggest factor is, it represents the culture and useful in delivering a specific message.

What do you mean by the ecological approach?

The ecological approach enhances environmental art. Here, an artist is trying to connect with nature via art forms. For establishing such a connection, natural materials are used by professionals in the artwork. Most commonly, they are using sculptural as material.

How she combines contemporary art and environmental elements?

All she does is providing shape to modern creative ideas with the use of ecological approaches. It presents a unique artwork.

She believes “Energy Never Gets Demolished, Even After Death.” Her such inspiring and environmental thoughts bring lots of questions in her mind. The biggest ones are -

  • Glass

  • Blood

  • Soot

  • Metals

  • Bones

  • Stones

  • Snake

  • Dried flowers

  • Insects

These types of people can easily understand the artwork and figure out a story or lesson hidden in it. It gives the right value to the art and respect to the environment.

Who will be interested?

  • Molts

Similar to these, there are numerous questions raised by her. For changing such aspects and make things better, she starts using bones for showing some ecological stories in her contemporary art. It makes her a good visual artist.

  • Why we bury dead living beings?

In case you are interested in her contemporary painting and want to get more details, then contact me on - +358465549459.

  • Why are the bones so lugubrious?

  • Methods

Material use:

Her thoughts

Inspiration and vision

  • Concepts

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